O u r S p a r k l i n g W i n e s

T h e e x c e l l e n c e o f t h e v e r y b e s t b u b b l e s o f t h e T r e v i s o b r a n d i n s e v e n e x c l u s i v e l a b e l s

P r o s e c c o D . O . C . M i l l e s i m a t o

This sparkling wine comes from Glera grapes. Its fruity perfume evokes rennet apples, peach blossoms and tropical fruit. Soft and harmonious on the palate, with a pleasant freshness that together with the fine perlage prolongs the aromatic sensations. 

V A L D O B B I A D E N E P R O S E C C O S P U M A N T E D . O . C . G .

Greenish yellow in the glass, bright and with minute, persistent perlage. The perfume is intense, extremely fine, floral and fruity evoking a nuance of golden apple. Dry, fresh and well-balanced on the palate, with lingering aroma and fruity finale.

P r o s e c c o D . O . C . M i l l e s i m a t o R o s è

Glera and Pinot Nero grapes are expertly blended in this light pink sparkling wine with pinpoint, lingering perlage. The perfume is pleasant and fragrant with delicate notes of cherry and red berries. Overall, the flavour is balanced, in an expert union of acidity and sweetness. This sparkling wine is fresh and fruity on the palate. 

M i l l e s i m a t o B r u t R o s é

Produced with native grape varieties, this sparkling wine is a delicate pale pink in colour, bright with subtle, lingering perlage. The perfume is strong, persistent, offering a wide range of fruity nuances evoking peach, apricot and blackcurrant. Dry and fresh on the palate, soft with a good structure.

M i l l e s i m a t o C u v e é P r e s t i g e

Great sparkling wine obtained from a skilful blend of vintage grapes. It has a bright greenish color, with a minute and persistent perlage. The perfume is intense, very fine and fruity with hints of golden apple on a floral background. It is dry, fresh and lean, smooth and well balanced, with a pleasantly fruity finish.

P r o s e c c o D . O . C . G o l d

Made from a blend of Glera grapes with a small percentage of Chardonnay, this Prosecco is a dull straw yellow in colour with greenish reflections, perfectly clear with a pinpoint perlage that is rich and persistent. The perfume is frank and elegant and characterised by floral nuances that blend in a typically fruity harmony. Fresh and delicate on the palate. 

G r a n C u v é e S p u m a n t e

Based on a careful selection of grapes, this sparkling has a fine, elegant and lingering perlage. Dull, straw yellow in colour with greenish hints. Floral and fruity to the nose, evoking nuances of apple, plum and tropical fruit such as banana and pineapple. Delicate, fresh and mineral on the palate.